Asian People’s Fund for Mutual Benefit Prospectus

Human words are poor enough to have destroyed nature, exploited the South, destructed the regional community, and oppressed women. In particular, getting worse of global warming and looming up of another Great Oppression should sacrifice the marginalized, poor people in the world to the extreme.

Faced with the harsh reality, we who value life most and live with all living creatures, are convinced that now is the time to attain living together of nature and human being, living together of the South and the North, among people, and of women and men. We are convinced that only solidarity between people in the South and citizens in the North could save the Earth from global warming, save the South from exploitation and forcible deprivation, and save people in the world from the horror of great depression and war. Because, unless the source of richness and diversity with organic nature in the South could help the society in the North to recover its own richness and diversity from inorganic nature, while wealth produced by the current system in the North could remove invisible, merciless structure in the South, human being will never fully enjoy the affluence on earth.

Based on the conviction, we launched people’s trade of Mascobado sugar and Balangon banana more than 20 years ago to save people on Negros Island from hunger, which has expanded to Asian-wide people’s trade between people in the South and citizens in the North. This network includes trade between Japan/Korea and the Philippines (Negros Island), trade between Japan/Korea and Palestine, trade between Japan and Indonesia/East Timor/Pakistan.

Unfortunately, however, the relationship still remains bi-lateral between Japan/Korea and other Asian countries. In other words, there is no substantial relationship or mutual exchange among the Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor and Pakistan. Thus, we are challenged to develop the existing relationship to more active network for exchange and solidarity among people in the South and citizens in the North.

Furthermore, our people’s trade network is limited to manual industry for products in the South and small scale trade in the North. The South still has diverse potentialities which should be cultivated and contribute to the people’s trade as a whole. For this purpose, to set up a people’s financing system for mutual sharing is mandated.
Aiming to attain above-mentioned goals, we hereby pronounce to establish “Asian People’s Fund for Equitable Sharing,”

So far, Asia along with Africa and Latin America has been under the control of oppressive western finance business. Also, International Solidarity has been dominated by the West, in which Asia was not able to have the initiative.

Now the new Asian People’s Fund for Equitable Sharing will be enable us to consolidate Asian-wide International Solidarity. Furthermore, the Fund shall be a new tool for Asia to attain autonomy fully.
Autonomous Asia will establish solidarity with citizens in Europe and America. Autonomous Asia will have strong solidarity with people in Africa and Latin America. And the world will become fully affluent complemented by both organic and inorganic natures.

We admit that the Asian People’s Fund for Equal Sharing is only a small first step. Still we believe that this step will help the divided world to unite with friendship and to bring genuine human liberation.

We wish all of our partners and friends to accept our message so that we all could work together.

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