Financing micro-credit service for ATC employees

Protect family from loan shark

ATECCO is formed in 2012 as employees association of Alter Trade Groups which manufacture and export balangon banana and mascubado sugar. Many staffs were forced to access loan shark due to insufficient saraly when they need educational fee and emergent medical fee. ATECCO launched micro-credit service for members and applied for APF loan for capital build-up. The members use the loan for education, medical service and family business such like backyard piggary and retailing.

Loan received by Alter Trade Emplyees’ Credit Cooperative (ATECCO)
Impremented by Alter Trade Emplyees’ Credit Cooperative (ATECCO)
Year launched (loan period) FY2015 (5 years)
Loan amount 5,250,000 Japanese Yen (2,000,000 Peso)



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