Financing renovation of fish pond facility for Ecoshrimp

For sustainable Ecoshrimp production

Environment NGO KOIN, composed of Ecoshrimp farmers, are involved in environment conservation programs such like mangrove reforestation, household waste management and environment education for the youth for the purpose of sustainable Ecoshrimp production. In one of Ecoshrimp area, Sidoarjo, farmers suffer from low yield due to lack of fund resulting in insufficient managemento of fish pond APF loan is used for cultivation management such as repair of dike, watergate and drainage, removal of bad soils.

Loan received by Pt. Alter Trade Indonesia (ATINA)
Impremented by KOIN
Year launched (loan period) FY2014 (3 years)
Loan amount 4,800,000 Japanese Yen (500,000,000 Rupia)

Activity Map