Financing sugarcane production for Mascubado sugar (1st term)

Aiming for adeeuate food on the table and better education for children

Negros Island, Philippines is well known as “Sugar Island”. Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs), former sugar plantation workers who got their own land through government agrarian reform, are producing sugar cane for Mascubado sugar with an assistance from ATC. Sugar farmers need a huge amount of production fund as it takes almost one year from planting to harvesting. ATC has extended low-interest loan service to 3 producers cooperatives by APF loan. Producers cooperatives allocate a profit for sugar cane production for next year, purchase of tractors and rice production.

Loan received by Alter Trace Corporation (ATC)
Impremented by Altertrade Philippine Foundation for Food Sovreignty (ATPF)
Year launched (loan period) FY2012 (5 Years)
Loan amount 13,800,000 Japanese Yen (6,286,900 Pesos)



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