Setting up small-scale chocolate making facility in Papua

Dreaming to make a chocolate with Papuan cacao!

YPMD serves to empower Papuan indigenous people for self-reliance. In 2011, YPMD established Kakao Kita (CVKK, “Our Cacao” in Indonesian), business arm to collect, process and export cacao beans, and started to export cacao mass to Japan. In addition, CVKK made a plan to set up small chocolate making facility, aiming to manufacture and sell chocolate made of Papuan cacao locally. CVKK will install some equipment such as refrigerator, oven, ice cream maker with APF loan.

Loan received by Yayasan Pengembangan Masyarakat Desa, Papua (YPMD)
Impremented by CV Kakao Kita
Year launched (loan period) FY2017 (5 years)
Loan amount 1,680,000 Japanese Yen (170,000,000 Rupia)


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